Although we've been working hard on a major upgrade of Syncd, we don't want to neglect the current version. We've just pushed an update that adds some frequently requested features.

Improved Mobile Browser Support

Syncd's mobile interface now features improved support for a number of mobile browsers, including Chrome Mobile and the built-in Android browser. You can access your account from any browser, mobile or desktop, at the same address:

We've also adjusted the layout of our mobile interface by including your organization's name and the logout link in the top banner. We hope this makes it easier to click logout when you want, and only when you want.

Support for Longer Notes

We've increased the allowed length of time entry notes from 255 to 1000 characters. In order to facilitate entry of such long notes, our text fields now auto-expand as you type. This enables you to always see the full content of notes, regardless of how long they are.

We hope these updates will keep Syncd working well for you. We're looking forward to sharing details about the new release coming later this year!