The simplicity, the speed and the high availabilty are just amazing. I am very happy to use your software!! There is no overload and the use of the software solves a lot of time while tracking time and expenses. It’s a very efficient way to do this job. Super!
Guido Mark, Syncd user from Switzerland
Congratulations with your splendid tool! I’ve worked in several companies already as an IT-consultant and had to deal with my share of time-registration tools… But I must admit this is absolutely the best one I’ve ever seen! 
Wim Hendrickx, Shape-IT
This tracking program is amazing! I love the ease of use and the report configurations! I've tried several and this one is the best by far. Thanks for keeping the price so reasonable that even a home-based consultant can use it.
Heather Koledo, Grant Writer,
Syncd is really helping us manage and improve the understanding and profitability of our projects.
Simon C. Pitt, Business Manager, Eat creative k.k.
I can't say enough about your product. I'm really liking it and I love that you guys are on Twitter. Thanks so much! 
Luis Sinibaldi, President of LS Design
I've just fired up Syncd Mini in Fluid on the Mac. Nice one, you're on a winner, that is for sure. That and the iPhone app both fit my consulting business perfectly.
I'm happy to say I'm now a paying customer and I continue to really appreciate your service. The iPhone interface makes it a snap to keep logging my time regardless of where I am. In fact, given Syncd's ease of use, I'm capturing my time much more accurately now and I'm realizing just how much time I was previously "giving away" to my clients. They may not appreciate your service as much as I do! ;-) 
Staff Pick.
Apple, review of Syncd's iPhone interface
I'm really excited about Syncd. It's a meticulously crafted tool, unlike any of its kind, and I've checked out a lot of them.
Oluwafemi Dagunduro, Tent Networks
Just used Syncd for the first time. I love it. Easy to use right out of the gate.
Yael K. Miller, CTO, Miller Mosaic LLC
I've been in IT consulting for 15 years and have used numerous methods to track time and I'm finding Syncd, especially after your last release, surpasses any other software, including desktop clients, handheld and other hosted applications.
James Buell, President, Keystone Consulting, Inc.
I'm really in love with your service, and I say this after looking and trying out many others.
Sean S. Heart, Save The Orcas, Inc.
The most usable time tracker yet ... Very natural flow, good feedback, impossible to mess up or get confused on what you're doing. Well done.
Scott Meade, review on
I've used desktop time tracking software and similar options that exist on the Web, but Syncd looks to be one of the better solutions out there. Since Syncd lives on the Internet, you don't need to download anything to use it. Take the online tour to see how it works, and I'm sure you'll come away from it impressed by what the service can do.
Brandon Watts, review on Windows Fanatics
This is a comprehensive and well designed tool. It is intuitive and simple to use you won't get confused. It responds well and its flexibility makes it practical for a wide range of professions.
Siri, review on KillerStartups