We just pushed out a maintenance release to take care of a few minor issues and to add a long overdue reporting feature.

User group filters for reports

Until now, User Groups have been useful for grouping users together when assigning jobs and activities. Due to popular demand, we've just made groups even more useful by allowing them to be used as filters for time and expense reports. For instance, you can now run a time report for your "Accounting" group instead of adding filters for each individual in that group.

Developers' API: Include billing rates along with time entries

Developers using Syncd's API can now optionally include billing information along with time entries. Please see our Time Entry API docs for more details.

Bug fix

When updating Syncd with some security patches earlier in the month, we inadvertently introduced an annoying bug which resulted in the incorrect display of apostrophes in the job selectors. Our release resolves this issue. We're sorry for any trouble this may have caused.

Upcoming news

We've been putting a lot of effort into developing a brand new version of Syncd over the past couple years. We appreciate your patience as development of the current version has slowed as a result. We plan to make regular announcements as the upcoming release of the new Syncd gets closer. Please stay tuned...