In preparation for some major updates coming to Syncd in 2012, we're changing our browser support policy. Beginning January 1, 2012, we're going to officially support only the most recent two versions of the major desktop and mobile browsers.

As of the time of this post, these browsers include:

Although Syncd may work well in other browsers, these are the only ones we will test and officially support. We may display warning messages for specific browsers which are known to cause problems (e.g. Internet Explorer 6 & 7).

Modern browsers are not only more secure and responsive than their predecessors, they also provide a number of capabilities, loosely defined as HTML5, that enable real advances on the web. Capabilities such as offline data storage, drag and drop file uploads, geolocation, and push communication will allow Syncd to behave more like a native application while still enjoying the advantages inherent in a web application.

Because of the scope of the changes coming soon to Syncd, we'll be explaining many of them in detail before they are released. We know some features have been a long time coming in development, and we sincerely appreciate everyone's patience as we try to get them "right".