We're making a big move this Sunday. We'll be changing our hosting facility and bringing online a whole new fleet of servers to better serve Syncd to you.

Our new servers and hosting facility should provide better performance. In testing, we're seeing improvements of over 50% in the time to complete processing-intensive requests, such as reports. In addition, our new host's infrastructure has significantly improved response times.

Our new server architecture is fully redundant so that downtime can be minimized. Although we've had better than 99.98% uptime since 2008, we hope to improve upon this.

We've also got room to grow with our new host, where we'll be able to bring more servers online quickly to serve growing demand. We will also be able to bring new capabilities to Syncd, such as file storage.

We think that the only downside to our move is that we expect some downtime on Sunday. We're starting the move at 8am EST and expect it to take between 2-4 hours.

Therefore, please plan for Syncd to be inaccessible from 8am - 12pm EST (GMT-4) this Sunday, September 18th.

We'll be tweeting our progress on Sunday to keep you informed. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns, either through Twitter, a comment below, or using the contact form in the Help section of Syncd. Thanks!

Update: Thanks to everyone for your patience. The upgrade was completed successfully and slightly ahead of schedule. We've already heard from some users who are happy with the improved performance. Please let us know how everything is working for you. Thanks!