We appreciate being entrusted with your valuable data and take every reasonable precaution to keep that data secure. For instance, we make full backups of every account's data and copy those backups offsite several times every day. However, we recognize that your data is your own, which is why we've just re-released a feature from LiveTimer: the ability to backup and download your account's data.

You may now backup your account once every 24 hours. Backup files are in XML format, which is plain text and easily readable, and include almost all of your account's data. Notably missing are user passwords and memorized reports, which will be preserved if possible during a restore.

You may download your latest backup file at any time. Backup files are zipped along with a signature file that verifies the authenticity of the backup.

Disaster recovery on your terms

While it's nice to be able to extract your account's data in a backup file, it really is only one half of the safety net for your data. We've decided to also provide the other half: the ability to restore your full account from one of your backups.

We always keep your latest backup file on our servers, which makes it especially easy to restore your account from this file. However, we also allow you to restore your account from a backup file that you've downloaded in the past.

Peace of mind

In order to access these new features, account administrators should click on the Account tab, and then Backup / Restore.

We hope that you enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having more control over your account and direct access to your data.