Entering new clients, projects and tasks can be tedious if you need to enter a number of sub-projects or tasks every time. We've been considering how to approach this problem for quite a while before finally settling on a solution that is simple and flexible.

The duplicate feature can be used to create a copy of a client, project or task, including its properties, user assignments, billing rates, and all of its children. You can use the duplicate feature in conjunction with a set of data you keep around as a template, or you can use it ad-hoc to duplicate any of your active assignments.

Look for the Duplicate link in the Manage pages next to any of your clients, projects or tasks:

Duplicating works just like a copy / paste operation:

We developed this feature as part of our major upcoming update but decided that we could easily extract it into an earlier release. We hope it takes some of the tedium out of entering new data.